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What Is Mitochondria

Find out about why you should take good care of your mitochondria. We provide information on what is mitochondria and how you can prolong life by taking better care of your body.

Through personal fitness training, you can achieve optimum health by learning the basics of what you need to sustain life. Once you find out what you need to know, you will understand how simple it can be to live a healthier, balanced and more fulfilled lifestyle.

Do your research, find out how to achieve good nutrition by implementing basics into your lifestyle through whole foods, filled with nutrients and not processed food that is not real and that is making you sick.

It is true as they say, being active is necessary. Our bodies need to be active in order to have circulation. If we don't, we become ill and perish. Even moderate walking or stretching makes all the difference in the world.

Massage therapy: It's better than a lot of medicines you get from going to the doctor for what ails you. Have a massage once a week by a licensed, experienced massage therapist and you will see and feel the difference.

The Importance of Good Nutrition

Most people do not realize that good nutrition is the number one and vital component of good health and a healthy lifestyle. You may think it does not matter if you cheat yourself of the nutrients that your body requires to sustain life, but in the longrun you will notice, and by then it may be too late. Get the facts right now and learn how to make a change.

Why Staying Active Really Matters

Have you ever really noticed what happens to your body if you aren't active, if you all you do most of the time is either watch TV, sit, or lie down every chance you get? It's so easy to do. But, have you paid attention to what you feel like and how your body is functioning?

Even a short walk, a short stretch in one place for a few moments, twisting from side-to-side makes all of the difference in the world. Take my word for this, I know because I practice this every day. It works. It may not seem like much, but it makes a big difference. Try it sometimes. The more you do, the better you'll feel. It may not feel like much at first, but just that small stretch took the ache away for me.


I hear and read about so many different opinions about the use of supplements. Some say that they are not necessary, or that they are expensive, or that they should be banned, and on and on. But once you find out the truth of the matter and do some research, you will see the difference. If you think about how much nutrients our bodies require to sustain life and compare it to the amount of food that one would need to consume to attain this, the picture becomes clearer. Supplements are necessary for different reasons and at different times. But they are necessary, and especially nowadays, when our food is not as filled with nutrients as it once was. Supplements can make all the difference in the world if you know how.

Massage Therapy

I have the good fortune of having a close friend who is also a massage therapist, personal fitness trainer and nutrition consultant. I am very lucky in this way. My body is constantly reminding me what a big difference he has made in my life. Before I began the program I was physically and mentally unbalanced. Now, I get through my days a whole lot easier and happier. Life is usually challenging, but with a little help, it can become easier to handle.

The Practice fo Yoga

For some time I have "had" to stretch daily by doing what is called the "plow". It helped my back trouble tremendously, and if I didn't do it at least once a day, I was in pain. Not until recently had I realized that this is known as Yoga. So I thought that it would be easy for me to begin practicing what the rave was about. Yoga is extremely effective, and extremely difficult to do. But, there are all different levels of practicing Yoga. Some not so difficult. It can be a lot of fun and not have such an impact on the body and joints. Most people that practice Yoga properly are very fit and seem to achieve this by what appears to be stretching movements. The key is to stretch in a certain way, and it really does work.

Do You Need A Personal Trainer Consultation?

If you suffer from illness and would like a consultation with an experienced personal trainer for the following:

Pain and Stress Relief - Personal Trainer - Massage Therapist - Bio-Medical Consultant - Each for 35 years - I teach individuals DIY Human Performance Improvement Biochemistry.

I highly recommend Dan Hendrix. You can contact him at the below telephone number or use the email button to the right. Be sure to mention this site in the subject line.

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